'Surgery is often carried out amongst children with conditions thataffect their legs. However, in many of these conditions it is not knownwhich treatment works best. We reached out to everybody involved in caring for children with orthopaedic problems affecting their legs (from hips to toes), includingchildren, parents, carers, charity workers, and all the professional groups.We asked all for their views on identifying the most importantunanswered questions.'

22nd January 2020 • comment

This new study aimed to establish consensus on the most important barriers, within a Three Delays framework, to accessing injury care in Low and Middle Income Countries that should be considered when evaluating a health system.

3rd January 2020 • comment
17th April 2019 • comment

In Ethiopia, which is a large country with poor infra structure, children who present with neglected Clubfoot to Cure hospital in Addis Ababa must remain in the capital throughout the duration of their treatment. On average they stay on the rehab ward at Cure or at Alemachen (a convalescent home which accommodates up to 40 children) for a minimum of four months.  Frequently they remain in Addis for six to eight months. As a physiotherapist, Jo’s concern is to fully utilise this time.

1st March 2019 • comment