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Primary Trauma Care (PTC) was conceived in Oxford in 1996 as a way of teaching the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) concepts of ABCDE for Trauma evaluation, resuscitation and communication in low resource settings in Low & Middle Income Countries (LMICs) to medical personnel.  Whilst ATLS has been transformative in High Income Countires (HICs) it is too expensive and proscriptive for low resource settings - who do not have CT scanners, rapid fluid/blood infusers or even blood.  PTC fills this space teaching the same concepts but using the resources available.  It is a free to the user course and designed to be self cascading: the course lasts 2 days, during this time about 12 participants are selected to become instructors and spend a third day learning how to teach the course, on the 4th & 5th days another course is run with the new instructors delivering it and the initial instructing team observing to ensure content and delivery.  In this way the course cascades.  In 25 years PTC has been run in 83 LMICs teaching >80,000 personnel.  PTC is a charitable Foundation and is also involved with global healthcare advocacy. Home - Primary Trauma Care Foundation

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