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Our open access and free online community is for everyone interested in musculoskeletal training and research in resource-limited settings. Our aim is to support and strengthen musculoskeletal training and research capacity in resource-limited settings through collecting and sharing online articles and resources, facilitating discussion groups, and providing links to other organisations and research groups in the field.

This part of the site supports provides space to collect and share tools, resources and articles that are relevant to researchers in this field. Some articles are specific to musculoskeletal research, whereas other articles may be cross-posted from other sites across the Global Health Network (for example on research methodology) - access article publications here.


This section of the website includes discussion threads on musculoskeletal research topics in low and middle income countries. Any member of this site can contribute to ‘open’ discussion topics here - access the community here.


Find and share links to other collaborators in the field of musculoskeletal research and training - access bookmarks here.


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