Chikungunya Outbreak Response

In response to the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) Outbreak a new area on the Global Health Network has been setup to provide researchers and health professionals working on CHIKV tools and resources to aid their research. Please check for more details ... Read more

Africa Clubfoot Training (ACT) project

Last month the Africa Clubfoot Training partners ran the first training course with the full set of completed new teaching materials It was a truly international course, with colleagues attending from clubfoot programmes in Uganda, Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, Cameroon, South Africa,  Bangladesh, India, Mexico, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Honduras and the Philippines, thanks to combined support and co-funding from the ACT campaign, CURE Clubfoot, Miraclefeet, CBM, Steps SA and Walk for Life, UK Clubfoot Consensus Group and other Global Clubfoot Initiative partners. It was a fantastic opportunity to train new clubfoot instructors who lead training in programmes in Africa, Asia, Latin America and UK, to train UK clubfoot treatment providers, discuss management of complex cases, and collaborate on further roll-out of clubfoot training internationally. It was a privilege to have Prof Fred Dietz, who worked with Dr Ponseti for much of his career, as part of the international course faculty.