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Eighty per cent of Malawi’s 8 million children live in rural areas, and there is an extensive tiered health system infrastructure from village health clinics to district hospitals which refers patients to one of the four central hospitals. The clinics and district hospitals are staffed by nurses, non-physician clinicians and recently qualified doctors. There are 16 paediatric specialists working in two of the four central hospitals which serve the urban population as well as accepting referrals from district hospitals. In order to provide expert paediatric care as close to home as possible, we describe our plan to task share within a managed clinical network and our hypothesis that this will improve paediatric care and child health.

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  1. O'Hare, Bernadette ; Phiri, Ajib ; Lang, Hans-Joerg ; Friesen, Hanny ; Kennedy, Neil ; Kawaza, Kondwani ; Jana, Collins E ; Chirambo, George ; Mulwafu, Wakisa ; Heikens, Geert T ; Mipando, Mwapatsa

    Human resources for health, 2015, Vol.13, pp.60 [Peer Reviewed Journal]