As surgical training and capacity increase in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), new strategies for improving surgical education and care in resource-poor settings are required. Non-technical skills (NTS) have been identified as critical to high-quality surgical performance in high-income countries (HICs), but little is known about the NTS used by surgeons in LMICs. This study aims to identify the non-technical skills used by surgeons operating in a LMIC context.

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  1. Scott, JW ; Ntakiyiruta, G ; Mutabazi, Za ; Smink, Ds ; Riviello, R ; Yule, SJ

    Journal Of The American College Of Surgeons, 2015 Oct, Vol.221(4) Suppl 1, pp.S87-S87 [Peer Reviewed Journal]


  • ruthlennox Ruth Lennox 28 Jul 2016

    This appears to be a conference abstract rather than a full article.

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