By Jim Turner
Trauma disproportionately affects those from low to middle income countries. Yet it is these parts of the world that struggle to finance adequate treatment for the victims. The availability of quality orthopaedic surgery also varies greatly around the world. The global challenge is to balance out the provision of acceptable care on a world wide scale and thus achieve one of the UN development goals.
This review outlines the burden of Trauma and Orthopaedic pathology in the developing world and the facets of care that if tackled will enable the re-balancing to become a reality.
Read 'Orthopaedic and trauma care in low-resource settings: the burden and its challenges' by Jim Turner and Sean Duffy in International Orthopaedics (2021):


  • vanlisur Carlton flores 15 Mar 2022

    Trauma with its early and late consequences disproportionately effects those from poor countries. The availability of effective orthopaedic and trauma care varies significantly across the globe.

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